Let me introduce myself:
I am an entrepreneur, writer, researcher, strategic consultant and international speaker. I have over 25 years’ experience in productivity improvement and new organizational forms and I am particularly expert in the field of Blockchain Organizing
. Blockchain Organizing is a cross between Weconomics as a organization model en blockchain technology as a organization technbologoy. It is a, fundamentally, new organization concept that is able to organize trust without increasing complexity. Blockchain Organizing is suitable for the organization of, for example, shared information & transaction networks, supra shared service centers, communities and business ecosystems. Blockchain Organizing plays an important role in the network economy. I also (co-)authored nine management books on this subject.

Besides my work as a consultant, I am also chairman of the Weconomics Foundation. This foundation contributes to the organization of a sustainable prosperity by focusing on the productivity improvement of knowledge workers and redistribution of the surplus time. Finally, I am founder and thought leader of The Institute for New Organizational Thinking.

I believe that the most important innovation for the 21st century is not a technical innovation, but the production and redistribution of surplus time. When our productivity doubles, the afternoon will be available for tasks that really matters to us and our wellbeing. I believe that we are in transition from a quantitative prosperity to a qualitative prosperity.

I studied industrial engineering and management science at the Technical University of Eindhoven (the Netherlands). Eindhoven is one of the smartest cities in the world. In 1992 I introduced the Harvard Case Method in the Netherlands and I developed a master program with the University of Humberside Hull. In 1992 I started Buro Staff Support, my first professional community. In 2009 I founded the Weconomics Foundation and in 2013 The Institute for New Organizational Thinking. Now I work as an independent management consultant for (international), often knowledge-intensive, companies, institutions and governments. I also wrote five books in the field of Weconomics and hybrid organizing and I am co-author of three other books in this field.

I am interested in contacts for:
  • research programs on new organization forms in general and Blockchain Organizing in particular
  • advice projects and strategic expert meetings
  • lecture, coaching, mentoring, training and education
Some examples of general information I am working on
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